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Working on a map for C&C Generals hope to get some screenshots to you guys soon. I'll sumarise the map as being lot's of desert with unavoideble URBAN WARFARE (you cannot attack any other playerwithout going through Al Sars (had to give it that name :p ). All in all a big map with support for 4 bases lot's of bunkers oil derricks and $$$.

Map hosted by www.luger.nl (D-Eye)

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Take into consideration that if there will be a lot of urban fighting the players will most probably try to build more planes and nukes or particle cannons. This can be nice, BUT you dont want that then make sure that there will not be much space for buildings - this will prevent an extenssive use of air strikes but it will make the bases much more valnurable to NUKES and SCUD STORMS (And particle cannons)

Anyway, Cant wait to use the mapĀ  :)


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ok scenery is basically done. I only have one major problem namely that any enemy or allied com's don't start building anything (no buildings or units). Anybody knows how to solve this or a tutorial i could perhaps follow (or is it a bug in the world builder?)?

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