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Spin those cops!


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The physics of this version is a lot different to the previous versions. They handle like boats now :(

Anyway a nice thing to do is to get the cops to do spin outs in hot pursuit. To do this, nudge them in their corners. Rear corner is better because most of the cars are real wheel drive and immediately lose control if you do it right. They will try this to you as well! So when you see them about to nudge you, steer to the same direction they are nudging you in. A very good time to do this is when cornering so the car is more susceptible to spin. Try this on your opponents as well :d

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Hehe, yeah I found that out myself 2. But it is not that easy to get them spinned... (Mostly they are with 6 cars and a helicopter)

Another way to get rid of the cops:

When you see the helicopter dumping the exploding stuff, try to get the cops drive over them. And gone are the cops.. :p]


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