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[quote name='H.Roberta062@paypal.com <B.Gracie733@paypal.com>']We regret to inform you that your paypal account could be suspended if 
you don't resolve your billing issues.  If your billing is not updated 
your account will be put on hold.

If a hold should be placed on your account,you are prohibited  from
using Paypal in any way. until billing is updated. This includes
registration of a new account.  Please note that if your account is suspended any funds you have in your paypal account will be put on hold till this issue is resolved.

Please click on link below to update info:


Best regards,
Safeharbor Department Paypal Inc.
The Paypal Team.[/quote]

[color=red]Ga hier niet op in, op de site bevind zich een virus en bovendien zullen zij jouw informatie misbruiken door bijv je Credit Card leeg te plukken  :nono: (voor de mensen onder ons die wel een CC hebben)[/color] [/b]
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