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Tha Masta

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Ok there are several rules within this forum that have to be kept in mind.

1. No talks of War, there are several people who don't appreciate that kind of talk.

>> [edit] Webmaster: You could talk about war, but not to aprove war. making fun of something related to war is allowed (like my signature :p ) [/edit]

2. Make sure that if there is anything 'sexual' within that you note it in the Post Description, especially with pictures.

3. These ARE jokes, so please don't become mad about anything posted, if you do feel insulted about it please contact me about it privately with a PM and I'll see what I can do about it.

4. SInce a recent event, I don;t want any hardcore Racist jokes. If they have some racism in it it is ok, but there are some limits.

Otherwise another special rule

Please don't die laughing, we don't want to lose any members, in case of emergency CLOSE the post before any more damage can be done. :p

THank You

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